Banner Ad Rotators

The easiest way to make money off of the web is to sell advertising space, but if you don't have a good CGI script to handle this, you simply just can't do it.

AdGenie - ???
Very nice script if you can afford the $195 price. Tracks the basic things, but has a lot of other things such as letting th admin select which banner will be displayed for each type of domain. If used with a search engine, script can dish out certain ads based on what the user searches for. Click for demo.

Advertiser - By Seth Leonard

An excellent script. Includes three CGIs... one to select an ad to display; one to ad, modify, and delete scripts (admin's scripts); as well as a click-through script. Support for unlimited number of ads and different text with each banner. This script does, however, have a nasty habbit of randomly loosing certain information about ads. (Such as number of times an ad has been displayed.) Requires Server Side Includes. No demo available.

Banner Matic 1 - By 'Joe'
Counts and tracks number of impressions and also logs click throughs into a text file. This could get difficult with larger sites that expect large numbers of visitors and click throughs but either way a fairly good script for just about anyone. Requires Server Side Includes. Click for demo.

Banner Matic 2 - By 'Joe'
Same as BANNERMATIC1 but doesn't require Server Side Includes. Insteads uses Cookies. The user's browser holds the information about what URL to go to. Good if you don't have SSI. Click for demo.

Banner Wheel - By Mike Wheeler
This script can be used with or without Server Side Includes, but without SSI the script can only display the picture without a link or text. One good option this script has is that it allows users to set the probability of each individual banner. No demo available.

NYISP Banner-AD Software - By R.J. Mirabile
Good thing about this script is that it lets people who have ads running check the status of their individual banner. Logs the domain names & times of the click throughs as well which is a plus. Click for demo.

Random Advertising Banner Perl Script - By Exton Enterprises
Uses cookies instead of SSI but has a feature which lets people with older browsers still get to the sponsoring page, even if they can't view cookies. Creates detailed logs of all banner views and click throughs as well. No demo available.

Selena's Random Banner Script - By Selena Sol
Not very easy to setup or maintain, but it gets the job done. Doesn't log click-throughs either which is a big minus. Requires Server Side Includes. No demo available.

WebAdverts - By Darryl C. Burgdorf
A good script that has lots of variables for each banner such as HEIGHT and WIDTH. Lets sponsors check up on the progress of their individual banner as well. Creates and updates detailed logs of all banners. No demo available.