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The easiest way to learn about CGI is to read books and literature about CGI. I've selected a few books that I can personally recommend. You can order the books securely, right over the internet, right from here by following these simple steps:

60 Minute Guide to Cgi Programming With Perl 5
By Robert Farrell - 270 Pages - $15.99
This A-Z guide gives Web programmers and administrators a thorough introduction to Common Gateway Interface techniques using the Perl programming language. Featuring information on searching and forms-handling, the guide is divided into three sections that are easy to master in 60 minutes or less. The first gets users up and running, the second helps them get fluent, the third provides applications.
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Creating Cool Web Pages With Perl
By Jerry Muelver - 397 Pages & CD-ROM - $26.99
An excellent book and CD ROM that was written for people that don't like to program. As one of its readers said, "It's one of the few books on Perl that doesn't send you looking for aspirin." Includes a CD ROM which has all the examples of coding that the book goes over.
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Instant Web Scripts With Cgi Perl
By by Selena Sol & Gunther Berznieks - Book & CD-ROM - $35.96
If you are looking to add "Professional" functions and features to your web site, this book is a must have. The introductory section tells you everything you need to know about installing, debugging and modifying these perl scripts. Includes every conceivable function the professional web sites use such as advertising banners, chat, shopping carts and much more.
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Perl 5 How-To
By Mike Glover et al - Book & CD-ROM - $44.99
Perl is the scripting language used by most people seetting up their own Web servers. This book gives Perl programmers everything needed to write professional scripts and solve practical problems in an easy-to-use, topic-organized format. It provides more than 100 real-life programming situations and their solutions.
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