Chatting Scripts

Chatting is probably the only thing that hasn't really been mastered with CGI. Currently the page must be reloaded to read what's been said by other chatters. Chatting can be done easier through Java but Java Chatting Programs are usually slow, bulky, and ugly.

FrameChat - By Drewstar
Script uses frames to make it easier to chat. Lots of features such as multiple rooms but also lacks a lot such as private rooms and private messages. Registration fee of $45. Click for demo.

Mike Wheeler's Chat Script - By Mike Wheeler
Nice program with a nice interface. Uses tables to show who is in the room currently, and when each person reloaded the page. The "Log On" screen also shows how many people are in the chat room so you know how many people are chatting even before you log on. Click for demo.

Mike Wheeler's ChatPro Script - By Mike Wheeler

Similar to Mike Wheeler's Chat Script, but a lot more advanced. Features multipul rooms, private rooms (similar to AOL), and private messages. Uses graphics to show which messages are new since the last reload. Older messages are greyed out but still readably making this one of the best scripts to use, and certainly the easiest. Click for demo.

QuikChat - By Matt Hahnfeld
A pretty basic chat program. Author could have really done a lot more such as using timers so old messages aren't seen four hours latter. Newer messages are put at the bottom of the page so it can get hard to communicate over a period of time with someone. Uses frames though which is a plus. Click for demo.

Web Chat - By Selena Sol
Many options that the individual user can select for themselves, such as automatic refresh and whether to use frames or not. Many other options such as private messages and "who's chatting." For a chat program, surprisingly easy to use. No demo available.

WWWChat - By Virtual Marketing
Your basic chat program. One major problem you can see right as you log on is that the script saves messages from long ago... meaning if it's not an active chat room you could see messages from three or four days ago. Uses frames to make the interface a little smoother. Click for demo.

Zone Coaster's Chat - By Zone Coaster Faily good CGI chatting script. Lets users select a picture that represents them. Picture is posted on the chatting page next to everything they say. Logs domains and times of everything that is happening. Good thing about this script is an admin feature letting the admin kick or ban people. Click for demo.