Counters can be viewed everywhere. It seems that every CGI scripters has come up with his or her own version of the counter and every other web page has come up with different variations of these counters.

HTML Access Counter 4.0 - By George Burgyan
Your typical text counter. Multi web page support and multi language support as well. Requires Server Side Includes. This was probably one of the first text counters out there. Demo on main page.

WWW Homepage Access Counter - By Muhammad A. Muquit

Excellent and highly recommended graphic counter. Billions of options let the user change the digits, colors, size, and number of digits. Users can also hide the counter or display another image instead of the counter so visitors can't see the number of hits. Click for examples.

STcount - By Spiros Trivizas
Another basic text counter that again requires Server Side Includes that is written in C. One good and unique thing is that this script creates a log file that keeps a listing of hits for each URL it is monitoring. Examples on main page.

Counter - By Matt Wright
Nice graphical counter that (surprisingly enough) tracks the number of people that load a web page. Also stores a log of people the counter picks up and includes another perl script to convert this log into a nice HTML file displaying a little info about the people. Not to many ways to customise this counter though. Demo on main page.

TextCounter - By Matt Wright
Simple text counter that requires Server Side Includes. One unique feature is that the admin can select whether or not to have the script "automatically create" the necessary files for a new counter. Also option to automatically add when the couter was started in the "...since July 10, 1995" format.

Simple Counter - By Dream Catchers
Great thing about this script is that is can be configured to be run as either a text counter or a graphical counter. Requires Server Side Includes, but doesn't require any other programs such as Fly or a C compiler. No demo available.

HitMatic Access Counter - By 'Joe'
Graphical counter that tracks hits to multiple web pages and spits out a page of pages receiving top hits. Also gives a running total for all web pages. Click for demo.