Form Processors

Most web pages have either surveys, feedback forms, or some other type of user input feature. Without a CGI script to handle these forms, the information comes back to the admin almost unreadable.

Selena's Form Processing Script - By Selena Sol
For such a basic script, Selena has put in a lot of options and such to make this a good script to use. Options include required fields, HTML confirmation, and email confirmation. No demo available.

Form Return - By Dream Catchers
Basic version of a basic script. Not to many options, but it does have the basic ones such as email confirmation, redirection, etc. A little hard to work with if you're not good with HTML. Otherwise great script. No demo available.

FormMail - By Matt Wright

This is one of the easiest to setup and use. Many options let the administer customize the script to his or her own likings. Options and features include email confirmation, HTML confirmation, and redirection. No demo available.