Boring Legal Junk

This page contains boring legal mumbo-jumbo that you probably couldn't care less about. There are no hidden scripts here. You can stop looking for them now.

The purpose of this page is to provide gateways so users can find and download CGI scripts for their own web pages. The author of this page did not and does not claim to write any of the scripts on this page. Each script has its own author and its own copyright which can both be obtained from the same place the script can be obtained.

If any of the scripts on this page have copyrights preventing them from being displayed on this page, please email me and they will be removed.

People who download any script download them at their own risk. Each script is scanned, but not in great detail. There is always the chance of a virus or even a backdoor with these scripts. The author of this page can't be responsible for what happens with them.