Mailing List Managers

One of the best ways to let your users know about updates and changes to your web site is through email, but if you have a large site you'll need a good script to handle your email list.

LWGate Mailing List - By David Baker
Your basic mailing list that does everything it should with no bugs. Users can easily enter their name and email address into a database and the admin can easy call this database up to send out mass emails. Demo on main page.

Mailing List Manager - By Selena Sol
Great manager. Lets users add both their email addresses and their names to the list. Admin part of the script is password protected and lets the admin send out mailings quickly. Supports multiple lists. No demo available.

MailServ Mailing List Gateway - By Patrick Fitzgerald
Uses a web page format to access certain commands of most mailing lists. Doesn't actually administer a mailing list, but is a very useful script for collecting information from other mailing lists. Click here for demo.

Net Announcements - By Jason Berry

An easy to setup and easy to use way to manage multiple mailing lists. Lets the admin create, modify, and delete as many forums as he or she wishes. Options include mailing to all lists and private lists. Click for demo or click for screen shot of admin area.