Message Boards

Message Boards act like newsgroups, only they're run over the web through CGI (obviosly?) Adding a Message Board to your site can really enhance it since it allows visitors to leave messages and many message boards let other visitors reply to the messages.

BBMatic BBS - By 'Joe'
Looks very similar to a guestbook, but like a Message Board, this script lets people reply to to the posts of other people. Main page can get very large and often takes a long time to download if lots of posts have been made. Click for demo.

Emaze WebThread - By Emaze
Nicely done message board. Only problem I have with it is it costs $45. Lets users log in with a userid and password then keeps posts neat and organised in SELECT forms. Admin features are extensive and easy to use as well. Click for demo.

HyberNews - ???
Outstanding and beautiful message board. Uses small graphics to make it easier to read posts. When posting, posters have the option of adding a small picture next to their post to signify what type of post it is. (IE: Question, comment, etc.) Click for demo.

MSGBoard - By The CGI Palace
Your basic board... nothing to exciting about this except for the fact that it gets the job done with a minimal amout of setup. Click for demo.

NetBoard Pro - By Jason Berry

Beautifully done message board. Main page uses Form Select boxes to list messages and each messages' page uses tables to nicely lay out the post. Messages also have lists to the next and previous message on the board. Pictures are also used instead of buttons and the pictures are great as well. Allows many forums with one script and includes an admin script to add forums, or to edit an individual forum. My one complaint is that this script is $40 for personal use and $80 for commercial use. (Oh well... we all have to make money some how.) Click for demo.

Selena's Bulletin Board Script - By Selena Sol
A very basic board that looks pretty good. My only complaint is that replies to the posts do not go on the main page, but only on the page of the origional post. Uses a few pictures to enhance the board, but the pictures are really nothing spectacular. Click for demo.

WebBBS - By Darryl C. Burgdorf
Another basic message board that runs like most others. Lets people view, post, and reply to. Also has a special option that lets people subscribe to the board to receive all posts via email. Click for demo.

WebForum - By Virtual Marketing
Fairly good Message Board that uses a <TABLE> to organize the posts. Good thing about this script is that in replies is has different types of text for the origional post and the reply. One thing I don't like is that you could end up with a lot of Re: Re: Re: Re:'s since this script doesn't compensate for that like many other scripts do. This script is also $35 for commercial use and $10 for personal use. Click for demo.

WWW BBS - By 'Paik'
Good board that lets uses delete their own posts. Organises posts into tables and only puts a certain number of posts on each page... this way the main page doesn't get to cluttered with posts. No demo available.

WWWBoard - By Matt Wright
This is probably one of the origional Message Boards and it works very well. Uses <ul> tags to keep related posts together. Also includes WWWAdmin to easy remove posts. has created many "add-ons" that can be used to enhance the board, or to customize it to the admin's preferences. Click for demo.