Misc. CGI Scripts

These scripts are the really unique ones that just don't fit into any sort of catagory, no matter how hard they try.

Selena's Multiple Choice Script - By Selena Sol

Acts as an online test and grader all in one. Users answer a few multiple choice questions and then are automatically graded. Maintains a list of top answerers. Unlimited number of question. Click for demo.

HomePageMaker - By Dave Palmer
Excellent script (if you have the webspace.) Allows users to create their own web page on your server and then edit their own web page. Also produces a type of index for all the pages that have been created through the script. Click for demo.

Q&A Pro - By Jason Berry
A good alternative to feedback forms. Users type in questions and they are added to a data base. Admin can view questions and reply to them right from the script. Replies are emailed to the asker and admin area is password protected. No demo available.

Picture Frame - By Mike Wheeler

This script is for organizing collections of large pictures. Just specify the directory the pictures are located in and the script creates thumbnails of them as well as a nice web page with these thumbnails. Clicking on the thumbnails brings up the big picture. Click for demo.

FAQ Generator - By Jason Berry
An easy way to create and edit a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Script automatically creates pages where FAQ's can be answered. Sorts questions into different groups and script allows for unlimited questions and groups. Click for demo.