Random Stuff

When I say "Random Stuff" I'm talking about things like Random Image Displayers, Random Link Generators, etc. These scripts are good to use on sites that get lots of traffic and sites where the admins want their customers to get different pictures and options when they load the page. Many of these scripts require Server Side Includes.

SSI Random Image Displayer - By Matt Wright
Your basic Random Image Displayer and then some; allows admin to specify alternate text and a link to go with each link. (Similar to Banner Ad Rotator but not really...) great if you have Server Side Includes. (No Demo Available)

Random Image Displayer - By Matt Wright
Displays a different image taken from a list (created by the admin) each time the page is loaded without using Server Side Includes. The list of pictures are within the CGI which is good since there's only one file to run the script, but bad because this makes editing the picture list a little difficult. Also works with Backgrounds. Click for demo.

Random Text - By Matt Wright Each time the page is opened the script opens another file full of random quote and comments and selects one. Entries can include HTML so technically this script could be set up so your users load and view an entirely different page each time they load your page. Requires Server Side Includes. Demo on main page.

Random Link Generator - By Matt Wright
Takes users to a different link each time they click on one link pointing to the CGI script. Doesn't require Server Side Include which is nice but there's really not to much you can do with this script except for giving out random links.