Search Engines

If you have a big site (or even a fairly large site) then it may become a little difficult for your users to navigate around and find what they're looking for. If this is the case then adding a search engine can really help out a lot.

Keyword Search - By Selena Sol
Nice script that has many options that the user can select such as exact search. Has a result page that looks okay but you might see something like "Found These Pages: No Pages Found." (Would be better if it didn't say 'Found These Pages.') No demo available.

WebSearch - By Virtual Marketing

This script presents the ability to search either by keyword or by category. Displays the results nicely in a table format. Also allows users to plunk their own web sites in. Click for demo.

SimpleSearch - By Matt Wright
Allows users to select and or or if they enter more than one word. Displays the results in a nice format and initial seach page also has a good look. Click for demo.