Time And Date Scripts

Most Time And Date Scripts require Server Side Includes but can add a lot to a web page by incorporating the real world with the net world.

WWW Homepage Access Clock - By Muhammad A. Muquit
Although it's also a counter script, this can be configured to display either the time or date. Clock is 12 or 24 hour format and can be for any time zone. User has millions of options he or she can choose about the color, size, and digits of the clock. One good thing about this script is that it does not require Server Side Includes. Click for examples.

TextClock - By Matt Wright

A nice looking text date and time script that has many options that the user can select to customise the output. Requires Server Side Includes. Demo on main page.

The Do It Yourself Method - By [Your Name Here]
The simplest way to put the time or date on a web page is to just do it through Server Side Includes using this HTML tag:
<!--#echo var="DATE_LOCAL"-->