Voting Poll Scripts

Voting Poll Scripts allow users to give feedback about your web site, or on a question that you present them with. Most scripts talley the results dynamically and maintain an up-to-date results datebase.

Poll It Pro - By Jason Berry
Presents a question with an unlimited number of responses (that the admin selects.) Presents results dynamically and in a percent. Also lets the admin customize the look of the voting poll and voters can leave their email address to have the results mailed to them. $20 for both commercial and personal use. Click for demo.

Poll It Lite - By Jason Berry
Earlier version of Poll It Pro. Not as many options and features but it doesn't cost $20 to use. Scripts has unlimited number of responses, counts number of votes, displays results dynamically, but it doesn't display them as a percent. Click for demo.

Mike Wheeler's Vote Script - By Mike Wheeler

Great voting script that displays the results (dynamically) in a nice bar graph like manner by stretching little colored dots. Problem is that it only works on a 1-10 scale. However if this is what you're looking for, it's excellent. It also averages the vote result and if multipul votes are running it will display an average for all of the votes going on. Requires Server Side Includes. Demo on main page.

The Voting Booth - By Virtual Marketing
Not a really "pretty" script, but it does the job. One thing I like is that it allows for multiple questions to be voted on. Displays results only after someone votes. $30 for commercial use. (Free for personal use) Click for demo.